Management Consulting

Management Consulting

My background in business and in marketing makes me qualified to work directly with you and your teams and help you with both strategic and tactical challenges. After almost 30 years of working across multiple geographies and in various industries, I wish to share my knowledge with those that can benefit from it.

My Focus

I am focused not only on working with you to set SMART goals and an execution plan, but also on its implementation. I am not a Mckinsey guy that sends huge PowerPoint slide-decks and leave you with the implementation, but rather create plans and stick around to make sure that the results are achieved.

I am committed to performance improvement, ROI and results.hillik2

Contact Me

Advisory Services Offered:

  • Part time COO / CHRO
  • Change Management
  • Full board member
  • Advisory Board Member

Marketing Services:

  • Part time CMO
  • Branding
  • Go to Market Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Roadmap Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Acquisition optimization
  • Transition into a true “Digital Organization”
  • Marketing Automation infrastructure
  • Develop global marketing operations

Sample Projects:

  • Advised a billion-dollar company on how to create its Product Offering Department’s strategy and its execution.
  • Non-Executive Director of a London-based AIM publicly traded TechFinancials.
  • Advised a financial services company with developing a “Go To Market” plan for entering China and assisted in its execution.
  • Advised a start-up company in developing its marketing automation infrastructure and create a Customer Journey map.
  • Assisted a CEO with hiring a CMO.
  • Developed set of key messages for a software company.
  • Developed a branding strategy for a communication software company.