Beware of your weak client touch-points


I was flying to a board meeting in London last week on Aegean Airlines from Limassol. I breezed through checkin, passport control and security checks in minutes and headed to the Aegean Business Lounge.

I love Aegean. They are part of the Star Alliance. They are pretty punctual, their staff is very welcoming and accomodating, they are flying relatively well kept and maintained airplanes and their fares are just a riot.

For some kind of a reason, which is unknown to me, the business lounge in Larnaca is just a shame to this company. Food and drinks are cool, the staff is welcoming and nice, but they are suffering from three major flaws – internet connection, easy to use and reach power outlets and space to sit. Basically, on my book – they are 2 from 5 (staff service, space, working env., cleanliness, food/drinks) – which is a sad “F”….

I have been complaining to the staff about the internet connection several times and one particular worker did promise me – a couple of times to forward my message to her manager.

Since I saw that there is no fix, I approached this familiar lady again, before leaving the lounge, and asked her why are they not fixing it. The answer she gave me was nothing less than bewildering….

“Sir, I am sorry about that. Here is the name of my manager and you can make a complaint about her if you wish.”

She was inviting me to complain about her manager!!

Now, what can we learn about Aegean and its corporate culture and management practices?

  1. They don’t listen to customers, let alone their Gold members
  2. They don’t listen to complaints from their own staff
  3. They employ a bad manager in a high-impact touch point (the lounge)
  4. The team in Larnaca is absolutely fed up with their manager, but HQ doesn’t really care


So, Aegean team, one rotten apple just ruins your whole Cyprus apple crate.

Now think about your team – who are the employees and managers you employ that have high-impact on your client touch-points? Are you sure that they are doing their job properly? What image of your company do they reflect? is that in line with what you are working hard to communicate? You could be spending millions on branding and building a great brand image, only to have a manager that works against you…

Do not wait – check and then take action NOW.