EQ is the strongest predictor of a career success (and I dare say Life too..)


Studies from corporates, research institutes and academy have demonstrated the above beyond any doubt. If you are asking yourself whether and how you can develop your EQ, then you should know that there are thousands of articles and studies that prove that the answer is positive. All of them elude to the fact that while EQ was mostly influenced at a young age by our childhood experiences, it can be improved or developed. It may require a substantial self or guided work, but it is doable.

Read more on Psychology Today and on HBR.

Daniel Goleman’s model refers to EQ in 5 dimensions – Personal Motivation, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship / Social Management.

Developing one’s EQ require behavioural changes and it is about time to break a common myth – It is possible to change a behaviour. We all have plenty of evidence. It is just a matter of not agreeing to accept arguments such as “What can I do? you can’t expect me to change my behaviour.”

Want to be better? want a better career? start developing your EQ by looking at behaviours that come in your way in being better. They will fall under one of the 5 listed above dimensions and as such, there are known methodologies and tools that you can learn and equip yourself with.

Convinced – talk to me… Not convinced yet – talk to me… Not convinced at all – talk to me 🙂